Annual Review and Beyond

Firstly, happy new year dear reader. I was only just coming to terms with the fact that it was no longer 2021 so the fact that it’s now 2023 is a bit of a surprise.

This month marks the first year of my life as a PhD student. It’s been busy, with lots of online training; research for the lit review; methodology chapter planning; the pilot study; reading, reading and more reading.

The Annual Review now beckons. I have submitted an online reflection about the year; handed in a sample of written work from my literature review and fleshed out a ten minute presentation. Now it’s the waiting game, until I get a date for the panel. Terrifying! But also exciting. Initially, I felt that ten minutes was a long time to fill, but as I reflect on my achievements to date, I realise that it’s not much time at all. I’m excited about sharing my passion with others.

The pilot study went better than I could have hoped for. My previous post goes into more detail about that, so I won’t repeat myself. I have been reading through my notes again, to get myself ready for the next stage.

Next week, I will be conducting the first round of interviews for the final study. I have created a checklist to keep me on track, including things like ‘pay the ULEZ’.*Being a PhD student can be costly, if you’re paying your own way, so I don’t need additional costs just because I have forgotten something as mundane as paying to drive into London!

Here’s to the next part of my journey. The imposter syndrome comes and goes in waves, which is probably normal. At the moment it’s abated, but I’m sure when the AR panel comes around, the force will be strong.**

*ULEZ is the ultra low emission zone charge that my little car fails to be exempt from.

**Yes, that’s a Star Wars reference. Not applicable to my studies, but definitely applicable to my inner-nerd.

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