Rabbit Holes

Hello dear reader. It seems that a monthly post is the norm for me. Between everything else, the blog keeps on sliding down the ’to do’ list.

The past few weeks have been challenging, but also rewarding. As I have mentioned previously, ARU students are expected to re-submit their PhD proposals, along with a Gantt chart. Although daunting, the experience has sharpened my focus and allowed me to get to know my supervisors a little better too.

The support of my supervisors has been paramount to the whole process. Imposter syndrome is still going strong, so having two people (who aren’t my family!) tell me that I am working on something exciting and important, has been crucial.

Now that the research proposal is in, it’s time to focus on the ethics proposal. Oh my goodness, what a tricky beast it’s proving to be. However, I’m getting there. the first draft has been shared, dissected and is currently laying in the metaphoric lab awaiting surgery.

I have chosen to use an MMR (mixed methods research) approach, as I feel that this is the best fit for what I am hoping to achieve. Today has been a day of deep diving into research methods. Like Alice, I found myself following a White Rabbit of my own, as the path twisted and turned in front of me.

My pen says ’Go where the story leads you’. It should have a warning on the other side, reminding me to at least stick to the same story! Having said that, I expanded my knowledge today and that can only ever be a positive.

My other challenge has been navigating the vast online library. Thank goodness for the brilliant librarians at ARU. In particular, Joe, who kindly talked me through a tech issue via Teams today. It was entirely my own ineptitude, rather than the system, but it’s good to know that there’s a patient, clued-up team on hand to help me find my way.

Onwards towards the second draft (probably of many)…

One response to “Rabbit Holes”

  1. I think the research proposal and research ethics are a lot of work. I hope you are finding lots of useful references to help guide you.


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